1, 2, 3: The Obama/Palpatine Connection?

1, 2, 3: The Obama/Palpatine Connection?


Is President Obama setting up his government takeover exactly like Emperor Palpatine did in the Star Wars saga?


Palpatine, under the guise of Darth Sidious, persuaded several planetary systems to break off from the Senate and form the Confederacy.
The Obama Administration, via the webwork of associates it has wedged into the government, has been linked to the Occupy Wall Street movement that has apparently been designed to upset order and wreak havoc on the government and the people.
 Palpatine secretly raised up an army of clone troopers to fight this growing Separatist Movement that took on the form of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and threatened to tear apart the galaxy.  A movement that he started himself.
The Obama Administration is reported to be secretly raising up a mysterious State Police to fight this growing spread of occupiers, protesters, and social dissidents that are already leaving massive chaos in their wake.
 In the end, with Palpatine’s clone army the only answer to stopping the Confederacy, the Senate voted him as the first Emperor of the Empire, thus giving him total control of the known universe.
Nearing the end for Obama (November’s impending election and its most likely outcome) – and if this is right – Obama could simply call for the Occupy Wall Streeters to attack the populace. They have already been linked to assaults, rapes and I think even murders. On top of that, they seem to have carte blanche to do as they please in the streets, like attack police officers at will. Once they make their ultimate move, Obama can then tell the country, “Look, let me enact this marshal law bill giving me emergency (and potentially endless) powers and this army I created, er…I mean found, will stop those pesky Occupiers and bring back law and order.”
The Empire was crafted by a dictator playing the people on both ends. Is Obama a fan of Empirical Star Wars politics? Here’s a supposed picture of some of these State Police members who, according to some, are not United States citizens. There are even reports that some of these potential Obama militants don’t even speak our language…


UPDATE: Obviously Obama “won” the election, but that doesn’t mean this still can’t happen before his second term is up. In fact, some people think he won’t serve out his entire term since the Benghazi fiasco. If the heat turns up too high, maybe the words “executive order” and “marshal law” get uttered sooner than expected and instead of the Occupiers attacking, it’s Homeland Security who turns on us…
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