2 things God told me

2 things God told me

(These are some archive words brought here from my old site…)

The following are two things I pretty much think God spoke directly to me. It was in my head and it was in third-person, like someone was telling me this as opposed to me telling myself. No use of the word “I” anywhere in there.

1. “You know too much about nothing.” I fancy myself rather book smart. I do try to automatically rationalize things into something my brain can handle and explain. Into something I can wrap my brain around. I’m pretty good at Jeopardy, which is full of useless knowledge, if that tells you anything.
I try to bring the Biblical texts and their words and meanings into the year 2011 against all of a corrupted society’s teachings of the exact opposite. The two, the Bible and society, are like oil and water. They do not mix well. They don’t play well together if ya catch my drift.
Being brought up in a society rapidly advancing towards straight-up debauchery and easily accepted anti-Christian behavior on every corner, I found myself trying to explain and figure out the Bible via this ingrained “norm” – to use a Sociology term – which is an obviously flawed logic on my part. Today’s society – something I like to call “the devil’s playground” – is anti-Bible, so if I used that to try and explain the Bible, I’d be geared towards trying to prove it wrong as opposed to get deeper into the Word.
That was dumb. As I grow – hopefully! – into a stronger Christian soldier, I find myself disliking this society more and more and more that I once fully embraced.  I don’t care for it’s tugs and detours away from what we are all here on earth to do: Serve God. We have a job and the shiny keys of society are constantly being jingled in our infant faces. It’s borderline pathetic that most of us accept that and can so easily be swayed. Makes me angry to even think about this to be perfectly honest.
So, anyhoo, I no longer use this pagan, anti-Jesus, pro-”do whatever” society to try and help me along with the Bible. I do the exact opposite. If the mainstream is doing it, it’s probably wrong. We are a brainwashed society of people chasing the devil’s red laser pointer like a curious kitten.
The other thing God has told me to do is…
2. “Sing in church.” As God would have it, people actually tell me I can sing. I’ve always sang in the car with me as my audience, but you can’t really hear yourself – although, I’ve always thought I sang Matchbox 20 songs rather well! As it turns out, other people think so, too.
However, secular music aside, I could never “find my groove” with hymnals. Then again, with hymnals you really don’t have to. It’s the modern Christian music that I now seem to not quite get. Not that I don’t like some of the songs – some I currently find myself singing some of the words to at random times of the day. It just seems from singer to singer, of the same song, they emphasize different parts or one sings high here, while a different singer sings low there. I can’t find the groove because too many people try to make the songs their own.
Therein lies my apprehension. Therein lies my pride. I don’t want people to hear my singing not at it’s best. I don’t want to be off-key and be like that one guy singing so loud in church that every one else can hear him. And somehow that guy is always behind me. I don’t want to be him unless my vocal chords are rockin’ it! However, that is pride, not praise. It’s not about me, it’s about HIM!
So, I try to sing in church and follow the singer on stage as best I can. God wants me to humble myself and sing, and who am I to say no?
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