Bibles in Africa

Bibles in Africa

Pastor Thomas and Sister Linet and the rest of the team in Kenya are doing amazing work proclaiming the name of Jesus to their church and community – under intense pressure from the Catholic church on the ground there. A Couple Bucks & a Bible‘s international wing,Bibles to Go, is proud to announce that a box of 30+ Bibles has reached them and have been distributed to Pastor’s people there. Efforts to send a bigger box next time are underway (your donations make that happen!)

We have partnered with Shield of Victory and wish that others would do the same. Not well-versed in the Catholic-Protestant head-butting in Africa (I know a little about the English to America situation), I can’t comment much on it. I do know that Pastor Thomas appears to be a man of integrity and no one who dedicates his life to teaching people about the love of Jesus should be silenced.

I pray that Shield of Victory continues to be touched by the hand of God and that the Holy Spirit places divine favor upon them. They also need your prayers. For strength, for endurance, for the will to carry on in the face of constant adversity.

His remote location outside of Kenya isn’t like we have it here in America. He can’t jump in his car – or even hop a bus – to Starbucks or grab a bite at McDonald’s when the mood strikes. I hope we all begin to open our eyes to the plights outside of our own mirrors…and I say “we” because I often get lost in my own agendas, too.

If your heart and the Spirit moves you, contact me to see how you can help Pastor Thomas in Kenya!

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    I have had the pleasure of meeting Thomas via emails and phone calls, I am wanting to rush over bibles and since you have done that already I would love a step by step guide. Please get back to me ASAP, He is having a leadership/pastors conference and would love the bibles by then.

    In him

    Emily Roth

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