down the tubes (i want to live off the grid and in an empty field with my family)

down the tubes (i want to live off the grid and in an empty field with my family)

Society is a trap. If someone did everything the ads said to do. Everything their TVs told them to do. Everything the internet shows them to do…they’d have a materialistically shallow version of a life. A hollow shell of what could be and a constant yearning for more because that emptiness will never be filled. In today’s case, that pretty much means a massive chunk of the population of earth.
You may live a seemingly wonderful life by doing everything society tells you is the “cool” thing to do. You may appear happy. You may even be able to fool yourself into happiness for a day or so. But, it’ll be just on the surface. You can lie to others and to your own face in the mirror, but inside you know you’re empty and tired because you are continually attempting to keep up with and appease, if not impress, society.
Crazy alot like the idea of The Matrix – computers notwithstanding – you have to be woken up in to “real life” versus “a worldly life.” This happened for me when I met my wife and saw, for the first time, the ugliness behind society’s curtain. It is designed to make you a slave. You are under its power every waking moment of the day and don’t think for a second it isn’t trying to somehow get to you in your sleep.
The constant bombardment of half naked people on the billboards and foul language used in everyday TV shows has numbed you to their effects. Who is society telling you to look like? Be like? Be intimate with? I hope you said your significant other to that last question.
Society tells you that it’s okay to look. Window shop the other men and women in this meat market. And it used to finish that idea with “but don’t touch,” however these days it tells you that touching is now also allowed. Your spouse doesn’t mind because either she’s doing the same thing or wants to. And if she doesn’t, she’s been brainwashed by some cult or religion. To that I ask: If the majority of the population thinks that society isn’t as bad as poison for them, then who’s really been brainwashed?
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