earth is God’s artwork

earth is God’s artwork

(These are some archive words brought here from my old site…)

This part is in my head: “Write your devotionals already!”
This part is, too: “I know! I know! But this stuff just appeared in your mind’s thought bubbles so you need to write it down before you forget it.”
On my way back from further than Fort Worth while sitting in traffic, some gems of truth came to me and I wanted to get them on virtual paper before they disappeared.
As far as the scientists using man-made aging technology (carbon dating) that is, well, man-made ergo flawed and destined to fail like the Delorean, I can’t wrap my head around people being totally cool with the earth being a few trillion years old, but not with the Bible being true and that God could create things that already appear aged because, like any artist, not everything painted on the canvas is supposed to still have that new car smell.
Some things are supposed to be older, filled with character and wonder. It’d be boring to have everything shiny. Um, there’s no doubt why the older Star Wars movies rock. Those spaceships and towns have character. Style. Their appearance alone tells a story.
As far as Darwin’s little idea…it’d really be a bummer to actually have come from a fish. Yea, my grandpa, he’s a dolphin. No, really…
A rustic mudball hurtling through the vast black emptiness alongside infinity other planets and stars is older than we can count and sputtered to life from a single speck? That is what passes for “acceptable” to reasonably thinking people. What? And more importantly, why? And then another, what?!
People’s belief in the Big Bang sandwich with a side of evolution – apparently unbeknownst to them – requires a great deal of faith in things they cannot control, let alone replicate. Hm, sounds familiar. However, my faith is in a creative Controller over the whole situation. A meticulously planned out scenario helmed by a Creator who simply wants us to love His creation instead of constantly trying to rip it apart.
The universe, the Bible, you, me…all His.
Instead of trying to read into things, try to just read.
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