Flagging for Christ!

Flagging for Christ!

This happened a while back, still trying to find this couple again and partner with their ministry…
I saw something awesome on my way to run a quick errand this morning. On the corner of Highway 121 and Custer on the McKinney-Plano line, two soldiers of the Kingdom, right there on the front lines, were holding up flags that read “Have Faith” and “Be of Good Courage.” I hurriedly ran my errand and something told me that I had better stop and talk to them on the way back home – and I’m very glad I did, because…
I got to meet Myron and Courtney of Flagging for Christ. They are filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit and simply want Him to spill out onto every other person who honks, waves, or, sadly, gives them the finger as they drive by. As for the “finger,” Myron told me he already had two of those this morning – and it wasn’t even 9AM yet! – but we both agreed that this only illustrated the fact that he and his wife needed to be there in the first place.
Previously, I saw Myron – about a month or so earlier – walking with another white flag that read, “Jesus, I surrender.” It’s hard to wrap words around how powerful, profound and undeniably right on this phrase is. I mean, that’s what giving your life over to Jesus is all about. Surrendering to Him. Giving Him all your ups, downs, lefts and rights.  Believe me, when you do, it’s extremely freeing.
You can see Myron and Courtney up and down Highway 121 at the various intersections doing their thing. Flagging for Christ. And you better believe that one of these times, April and I are gonna be flagging for Christ right along with them!
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