God makes it rain!

God makes it rain!

While we were sitting on the front porch, each of us eating our respective ice creams out of the pint with a spoon, E remarked that two of his older brothers – Lil’ Band G – say they are in charge of their own room. He laughed and said, “But you guys are in charge of their room, Brennan!”
I smiled and nodded, eating my cookies n’ cream. Then E said…
“God is in charge of the whole world. Even the trees. And the bushes. And the cars. And the trailers…even you!”
“That’s right, He is,” I told him.
“But He doesn’t even water the plants,” he said.
I turned to him and asked, “What about rain?”
“Oh yea! God waters the plants with rain,” E replied. “That’s what He uses the clouds for!”
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