James 1 Devotional

James 1 Devotional

James is writing about struggles and the strength we gain in overcoming them. I don’t know about you, but struggle seems to be an everyday word for me. To be a great husband, a stepdad, a son, brother, friend, mentor, leader, follower… I strive everyday to overcome my wordly emotions so to be a better “WWJD?” kind of person. So were the people James is talking to. So was he I’m sure.
Life is hard because it wasn’t designed to be easy. Sure, some have a lighter go at it, but as James says, that worldy ease is dust when it comes down to entering God’s kingdom. The ones that struggle and overcome are the ones that know God can get them through anything. The ones that rarely call on God and never lean on Him are the ones that won’t know what to do with themselves when facing down those pearly gates without all their earthly trimmings.
James goes on to say that when tested with troubles – NOT tempted, God never tempts someone with Sin. See Satan for that. – they are met with a remarkable chance to grow in the Lord and know that with Him, everything is possible. Ask God for guidance, for wisdom, for assistance, and as long as you are true to Him and no other, he will grant it. No questions asked.
James asks all of us to shed ourselves of our anger and the evil in our lives. Easiest way to do that seems to be to rid ourselves of the catalysts of evil and temptation that the world surrounds us with. Training yourself to ignore and shield yourself from such things is not near as difficult as you may think. Catch is, you have to want to rid yourself of those things. And you should want to, because they hinder a complete and beautiful relationship with God.
He ends this chapter by telling us that we should control what we say, because much of it undermines our Christian claims, and that we should care for those less fortunate than even we are. He mentions orphans and widows. I like to think he meant the homeless in there as well.
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