life imitates God

life imitates God

Yea, I’m a writer. Gifted with this ability by God to be sure. But, that’s with all gifts with all people. This time, I happened to be thinking about the sayings…

   “I can’t make this stuff up!”
  “Truth is stranger than fiction.”
            “Art imitates life.”
Then it became obvious. God is the best writer out there. Our stories are His unique thoughts on “paper.” He’d easily be the #1 bestselling author every week if the world gave Him the credit He deserved! Yea, of course God breathed and there was the Bible through those that physically wrote it, but that’s only what we Christians (and Jewish people as far as the OT is concerned) believe and know.
The non-C’s don’t believe, or unfortunately don’t – yet – care about God’s authorship of this universe. They do, however, care about life in general. And the fact that these sayings are so engrained in our vocabulary means that they believe something is making real life stuff way better than made up stuff….something other than them or their buddies.
I think that means there’s a glimmer of hope out there for more non-C’s to be brought unto the flock.
Just a thought.
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