Limited Free Will Post Piggyback

Limited Free Will Post Piggyback

Had this thought that is a superb piggyback to my limited free will article from a while ago. Here goes…

I need to get to my car in the driveway. There are 3 doors that lead out of the house and 8 that don’t. I wouldn’t choose one of the 8 because that doesn’t make sense to unnecessarily prolong my mission just to take the scenic route. I have to choose one of the 3 available that lead out of the house, but which one is up to me. Each route eventually leads me to my car, but some are faster and others are slower. I may get held up with an obstacle or two, or I may make it to the car with no problem. What matters is that I get to my car. Mission, accomplished.

God knows where we’re going – He put us on the path – and His will shall be done. But, since God isn’t in any kinda hurry – being outside of time and all –  He allows us to choose the path we want from the selections He put in front of us. If we want to learn something the hard way, like a child often does, He’s gonna let us.

Kids don’t think parents know anything so they typically have to fall on their faces a few times to realize we’re not stupid.  Likewise, God’s not responsible for us getting hurt by our own stubborn disobedience to His gracious instruction and guidance.

We can do things the easy way, or the hard way. But, wait…there’s more! Don’t choose “easy” if you don’t know what it means. Since the world is how it is, here are some clearer definitions:

“easy way” = the world’s way, selfish, fleshly, sin

“hard way” = way of Jesus, Christianity, against the grain, selfless, strong dislike of anything sin-like

The right way is the hard way. Ask Jesus.

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