Limited Free Will Explained

Limited Free Will Explained

limited free will,

God is outside of time looking in.

Free will vs. predestination is murky water to navigate. Suffice to say, God is outside of the time that He made for us. We’re, however, bound to it. He stands on the roof watching the parade that is our existence pass by. He sees the beginning, middle, end…all of it, even when we’re just a couple blocks into our trek.

We make choices, big and small, everyday that have consequences, good or bad. He knows we make them, but He doesn’t force us to make them. Should we prayerfully consider decisions and listen to Him? Yes. Do we though? Hardly ever. Basically, we’re freely making our own choices by our will (on the ground) while our lives have already been mapped out and predetermined (back at HQ.) Our lives are determined by the choices we make from the options provided.

So, really, it’s kinda both.

I call it Limited Free Will.

God opens and closes doors. There are always at least two open. He doesn’t push us through any of them. We walk in and out of them on our own…and He knows which ones we’re gonna choose because, again…He’s on the roof looking down.

If someone chooses to accept Jesus – Whom is available to all – that person simply – finally – started to listen to the Holy Spirit Who is trying to steer us all in the right direction.

I hear this is similar to Molinism, but I like the sound of “limited free will” better. Also, this is closer to what Arminians think, and further from the Calvinist point of unconditional election, meaning God has fore-ordained who gets to choose Him. Like God only wants some people. What? Needless to say, I don’t play for that team.

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