OT sacrifices

OT sacrifices

It is evident that all the rules and sacrifice regulations in the OT – detailed down to the finest gram and ounce – were so intricate that no one could follow them perfectly 100% of the time. It was in vane, really, and used to show the people that no matter how hard they tried, perfection was unattainable – due to Adam and Eve’s fall way back when. In the world, sin will always win. We are born with it. The Bible says that Satan runs the earth. That is why we should all praise the real fact that Jesus, begotten Son of God and Who was God, came to earth to put away all these trivial sacrifices and rituals and die on the cross as a final sacrifice to beat sin and save us from the world and ourselves.
Jewish people of today – who still do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah and One who put away the trivial sacrifices called for in the OT – still observe the Hebrew holidays, yet they don’t slice up lambs and goats on a regular basis. Aside from it being frowned upon these days, why is that they don’t adhere to continually having to atone for sin?
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