out of many, one…world order?

out of many, one…world order?

There are wheels in motion to eliminate “In God We Trust” from our country and I heard that during one of Obama’s latest speeches he mistakenly quoted the national motto as “E pluribus unum” which means “out of many, one.” Just so you know, this has no reference to the millions of gods randomly worshiped across the globe and the United States choosing the ONE true God to get behind – that would be pretty cool!
Nope, it means that out of many colonies and people of different backgrounds, the United States became one nation. Interestingly, in 1956 was when “In God We Trust” was officially named our country’s motto, beforehand it was pretty much a toss up between it and “E pluribus unum,” with “In God We Trust” put on the money starting in the 1860s – but only to pacify the growing Christian population. This begs the question: Did President Obama mistakenly say the wrong motto, or did he do it on purpose, mentioning the motto he wanted to follow? Even further, could “out of many, one” really mean that OUT OF MANY countries and governments in the world, that ONE will emerge as the One World Government of the end times? How will the U.S. be involved?
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