“Plinko, reverse skate, government cheese” – Proverbs 21:13

“Plinko, reverse skate, government cheese” – Proverbs 21:13

“He who B)’>answered.” (See Proverbs 21:13) Some people will hear this verse and – whoosh! – there it goes. Right by them. They don’t even want to pay attention to it. Not because they are necessarily bad or anything, but because they cannot relate and therefore fall back on preconceived notions and society’s go-to reasons for people’s poorness and why the homeless have no home. Unless someone knows everything, they will always have something to learn. Think of the game Plinko. Someone loses their job and the disc is dropped, hitting the first peg. Ping! Now that person experiences family problems due to no money to pay bills. Ping! Now the marriage is being strained. Ping! Now self-doubt kicks in. Ping! Self-pity. Ping! Bad choices are starting to be made. Ping! Ping! Ping! The disc lands on $0 and someone finds themselves a million light-years away from where they were and all they can ask is “why?” A month ago they were on top of the world. Today they are at rock bottom. It can happen to anyone. That’s why it’s best to let Jesus steer the ship…or in this case, control the Plinko chips. Life was not made to be easy. It was made to be an adventure. And all adventure has adversity so you can rejoice when you get to the top of the mountain and are able to look back down at the valley and wave. And while turned back and seeing a fellow brother or sister still struggling to climb up, why wouldn’t we want to help them if we could? Are we wanting to hog the view up there for ourselves? Reverse skate the thing and see if you’d like to be the one getting the shaft instead of the helping hand when you really needed it. You’d hate it a bunch. So do they. But, they’re numb to it now. So why not get some feeling for them and use that feeling to re-institute their ability to feel joy. “But, the government will help them.” That’s true. To a point. But, it also keeps its thumb on them. Makes them dependents on something other than God. “But someone else will help them.” Yea, maybe. But if everyone thinks that, then where does that lead? Government cheese and the occasional quarters dropped in a torn styrofoam cup are not what God created us for. He didn’t make them to suffer or us to be uncaring. You know who to thank for that. Don’t be the one to pass on by, or one day you will get passed by. 

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