Predestination Isn’t What You Think

Predestination Isn’t What You Think

Calvinism, predestination, BrennanMcMahon.comI was commenting on a Reddit forum concerning Calvinism – to which I’m probably not a fit – and I think many people are confused about…


I think if you want to choose Jesus right now you can. There’s no bouncer angel at the front of the line holding a clipboard with a list of VIP’s on it.

People have the concept of predestination all wrong. If you choose to accept Jesus, you were predestined.

Of course, the Holy Spirit had a hand in guiding you to the decision via the Bible, a friend, a pastor, a TV show, a song, self-reflection, a magazine article, seeing a rabbit feed it’s babies, a sunset, a baby’s birth, a grandmother’s death…heck, maybe even a Chick tract. However you came to the conclusion, you’re not gonna be kept out of the club.

To think God plays favorites when the Bible clearly says He is no respecter of persons is backwards. See Acts 10:34 and Romans 2:11.

Calvinist’s call this “unconditional election.” It just doesn’t jive with the Great Commission that Jesus gave us to spread the Gospel across the world.


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