put some mustard (seed) on it

put some mustard (seed) on it

(These are some archive words brought here from my old site…)

The pastor at my church opened my eyes to something the other day. When Jesus spoke of the mustard seed and faith the size of it, He says to speak to the mountain. Tell it to move from here to there and IT WILL MOVE. Speak to your issues directly and THEY WILL MOVE! I had never thought of speaking TO my problems, just praying ABOUT them.

But ya gotta have faith. Believe it. Sometimes, that’s the hardest part. Sight unseen. I get it. But, take in the beauty of the world around you. Forget the wars, poverty, death for a moment and look at the things untouched by man and there you will see the strokes of God’s paintbrush. It isn’t mere chance. It isn’t happenstance. Those mountains, that wildlife, that pure white snow…all God. Therein lies a mustard seed of recognition to help out with that mustard seed of faith.
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