the sky is falling (a post by “M”)

the sky is falling (a post by “M”)

Okay, so all of us teens have been told our whole life that God made it rain for 40 days and nights, and, somehow, that was enough rain to cover the earth TO THE TOP (that means all the way into almost the stratosphere) with water. If someone told you that, that would happen right now would you believe them? No, because it’s unrealistic. Yes, God can do all things, but what if there was an easier way? What if there was an explanation that totally beats science, and how we were raised to think. I mean, we have become, like, complete zombies to what the world told us happened. There could be another way this all went about.
Now let’s head to the Bible, cuz that’s where all the info is located, haha. In Genesis 1:6 it says, “Let there be a space between the waters, to separate the WATERS OF THE HEAVENS from the WATERS OF THE EARTH.” God also elaborated on it in Genesis 1:8 and said, “God called the space ‘sky’.” Hm. Waters of the heaven? Waters of the earth? Back then, and even sometimes now, people refer to the heavens as, just plainly, UP. Remember, we are referring to BEFORE God made land and all the other stuff.
Now, lets fast forward and talk about the ACTUAL FLOOD. So, evil has overtaken the world, and God plans to wipe everything off the earth except for 2 of every kind of animal, Noah, and Noah’s family. He tells Noah he needs to build an ark. Now, it’s the day of the flood and it’s just a normal day for all the evil people of the world, and God rips open the canopy, above the sky, and water comes in IMMEDIATELY and fills the earth, killing everything on it.
The impact of the water coming in from every direction at an extreme speed causes…can u guess it…FOSSILS. Haha, isn’t that food for thought. Most of you out there are probably thinking, “Well, what happened to Noah and the ark? If everything died and got fossilized shouldn’t he have died too?” The answer is no. God most likely protected him, you know like a God shield or something like that. After the flood, God drained the earth from all that extra water, and put everything back in place, except it was totally different. The world now looked like this:
Science calls it “plate tectonics,” and meteors that separated the land. I call it  ”THE FLOOD.” Now that you have a new perspective on the way this happened think of this: WHY DID NOAH EVEN NEED TO BUILD AN ARK IF GOD WAS GOING TO PROTECT HIM ANYWAY??? The answer is simple. FAITH. God needed to know that Noah would obey him and take a step of faith, even though what God told him sounded weird and crazy. With all of that in your head, think this, HOW GREAT IS MY GOD? Haha, he is pretty great. I mean, to do all of this is just plain amazing and mind boggling. I hope you walked away with a new perspective today.

(Remember that this is a personal opinion and if you disagree you can go ahead and disagree. God gave us a mind for a reason…to hold our own thoughts. – M)
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