thought bubbles

thought bubbles

(This classic is from my old blog…)

“Let sleeping dogs lie.”
Ever heard that? It means – at least to me – that the past is buried, the present is now, the future can be what we make it. Don’t go digging if you’re scared of what you may uncover. Allow the people in your life to be the change that they are illustrating on a day-to-day basis.
Don’t condemn them for things done long ago. That makes you a judge. And you probably didn’t go to law school so that makes you guilty of impersonating an officer of the court…or something. It’s bad. Makes you look bad. Makes the person you’re slamming the gavel down on feel bad. Creates badness all around. Bad.
“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s compromise that moves us along.”
Ever heard that? Maroon 5She Will Be Loved. Great song. Greater message. Life is certainly not a bed of roses. Maybe a bed of thorns, but not roses. We all know that unless we’re high as a kite 24/7. Life is tough. That’s why God means for us to find our one true partner and team up against this life that apparently has it out for us.
And when we find that soul mate/partner in crime, we should have their backs. Honor their attempts at godliness, help them when they fall short of it. Life is trial and error. One long practice before the big game. Rally them on! The world has enough obstacles and barriers already, so stop being an extra one for your significant other. Finding a common ground on every issue is key to finding a common happiness.
One last thought o’ this day that I had a few moments ago. It literally popped in my head, so I think God may have given it to me to write on this blog post. And if you think God can’t talk to people, or it’s just a voice in your head like you’re a schizophrenic or something, put the meds down, you don’t have five people living in your skull…or maybe you do, but God can and will speak to you if you listen. Maybe tell the other guys in there to pipe down. Anyhoo…
I was told this. With so many people trying to prove it wrong, the Bible must be right.
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