weird event 2: the shadow knows!

weird event 2: the shadow knows!

Barely an hour had passed since the extended family left after a delightful Easter lunch. It had rained all day and it still hung from the clouds and the sky was grey, but the sunlight was beginning to break through here and there. The forecast was cloudy with a chance of potential.

Brennan and his wife surveyed the living room and kitchen. Clean up wouldn’t be much of a problem and a glass of wine and Netflix sounded like more fun than scrubbing counters anyway. However, there was first the small issue of a diaper change for the baby.

The day before, they had just dismantled, heaved up a flight of stairs and rebuilt the large crib for the newborn’s room upstairs. This, the last spare room in the house, had earlier received a nice coat of paint and a new (faux) hardwood floor. Cleanest room in the house. And the most peaceful. Both for the same reason: no one lived in there yet.

The crib contained the diaper bag and that was Brennan’s first mission. He walked up the stairs and strolled across the landing towards the baby’s room. As he did, he noticed the door was open and immediately thought, “I told the kids to stay out of there.”

And as that thought crossed his mind, he saw the shadow of someone cut across the sunlight breaking through the doorway onto the hall floor. He shook his head and made his way over. As he stepped in the room ready to tell whichever child it was to quit playing, he noticed that no one was in there at all. Then he got the chills.

He looked at the window with the partially closed blinds and then at the light it allowed to spill onto the floor out in the hallway. It was a second-floor window so even if a car had passed by on the street below, no shadow would be seen. He then attempted to recreate the shadow by passing by the doorway himself, to which he only got about a 75% match. “Strange,” he thought to himself.

He got the diapers, took one last look around the room, checked the closet again, and then headed out, closing the door behind him.

* * * * *
This just happened on Easter Sunday shortly after the family left. After telling April this, I remember my mom and brother checked out our son’s newly decorated room and had probably just left the door open. However, that doesn’t explain the shadow…

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