weird event

weird event


INT. Garage/Office – Day

All alone and catching up on some writing, Brennan sits at his desk typing away. He hears what sounds like kids talking and playing around in the house, but being the stepfather of 7 and the proud papa of a newborn baby boy, he isn’t surprised. He casually glances at the clock in the bottom right hand corner of his computer screen and suddenly stops typing.

(to himself)
How are the kids home from school already?

He realizes that he must’ve been hearing things because school was still in session. No one else is home yet. His wife is running errands with the baby. Brennan shakes off the thought of hearing children in the house. It isn’t possible. He goes back to work until…

He hears his newborn son’s toy playing lightly across the air. The sounds drift to him in the garage-turned-office. He cocks his head and listens.

Is that…?

A smile crosses his face. He likes this stuff. He gets up from his chair and starts to walk into the house.

INT. House – Continuous

The familiar song of his child’s toy gets louder as he rounds the corner into the master bedroom. He stands at the doorway and sees the toy sitting in the middle of his bed. Playing.

He looks around to see if maybe the dogs accidentally kicked the toy on, but he doesn’t see them anywhere. He looks back at the toy and slowly walks over towards it. As he does, the song stops and the giggly voice inside the machine says…


Brennan smiles again. Something got his attention.


* * * * *

This actually happened not too long ago as I was writing a piece for this blog. I like to think the enemy is scared of what I am doing and want to distract me if they can. However, they are only giving me more material…

The actual occurrence reminded me of a scene from a horror movie so I wrote it like a script. Stay tuned for others.

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