What Happens Next?

What Happens Next?

Future Headline: “Atheists Too Scared to Confront Islam”

If and when Christianity is outlawed, or officially deemed a “hate group,” due to the uncanny ability of a small minority (Atheists, humanists, etc) to sway entire governments and nations of people, the next logical step in their move to wipe away religion would be Islam, right? Well...

Where Christians are often (too) passive, Muslims are often (too) Jihad-happy. It’s in their core belief to “slay the infidel” at every turn, so it’s a pretty good bet that once Christians are pushed aside, the atheists will just learn to deal with Islam in their midst – because they will be too fearful of reprisals and bombings if they simply rinsed and repeated what they’ve done to our faith.

The conspiracy theory part of me thinks it’s not too crazy to think that Islam is behind the atheist anti-Christian movement. Like puppets on a string, these humanists are dancing in the political arena (where an openly Islamic presence’s motives would be too obvious – Barack Obama’s motives aside) while the Jihadists terrorize the world with torture, bombings and inhuman acts for a god who justifies it all, and promises “reward” for it.

It’s the classic “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” until Christianity is underground and out of the way, then it’s just “enemies” and the atheist/humanist movement will be powerless to stop the monster they’ve been helping to prop up all along.

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