“who ya gonna call?” – Romans 10:17

“who ya gonna call?” – Romans 10:17

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” (See Romans 10:17) The first cobblestone on the path of Christianity is reading and/or listening to the word of God. The Bible. Actually, the events INSIDE the Bible. Concerning Jesus. His message. This good news forms a thought that forms a cluster of ideas that forms a belief system that forms a relationship that forms you into a new, reborn person in Christ. A fresh disciple machine knowing that Jesus is the answer to every one of life’s test questions. How am I gonna do this? Jesus. How can I afford to do that? Jesus. Who is gonna save me from this? Jesus. Problem is…us. Yep. Us. We’ve been conditioned by a world that we originally conditioned to condition us to think that we are the solution to the broken dishes on the floor when we’re actually the bulls that got loose in the shop and broke the china in the first place. In short, man has created a monster of man. Think: Frankenstein. The only torch or proton pack on anybody’s back that can kill this monster of ours is full faith in the power of the one true God who made man and can tame the herd. But…then again, first you need to hear the word – truly hear it! Let it marinate. Dive into it. Swim in it. Live in it. Bring a snorkel. 

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